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Integral Blade Stabilizer

Category: Stabilizer
Views: 2022


Integral Blade Stabilizer (IBS) is a one-piece rotating stabilizer which can be placed near bit or higher in the drill string. It is a one-piece structure manufactured from high strength alloy steel (non-magnetic steel optional), that prevents differential sticking of the drillstring by stabilizing the BHA and keeping drill collars and drill pipes away from the borehole wall. This reduces vibration, drill pipe whirl, and wellbore tortuosity; furthermore, the stabilization maintains drilling trajectory whether drilling straight, horizontal or directional wells.

Optional Stabilizers

We offer several options for IBS, in both alloy steel and non-magnetic materials.

● Spiral Integral Blade Stabilizer;

● Straight Integral Blade Stabilizer;

● Non-Magnetic Integral Blade Stabilizer;

Specification - Spiral Integral Blade Stabilizer

Specification - Straight Integral Blade Stabilizer

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