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Non-Magnetic Drill Collar

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Our non-magnetic drill collars are made from non-magnetic steel bars with low-strength by combining a proper chemical analysis and rotary hammer forging process with low magnetic permeability and excellent machinability. It will not interfere with the specialized directional equipment but rather will enhance the performance of the drilling operation.

The non-magnetic drill collars function as a housing for the MWD tools, while at the same time provide the weight for drill string. The non-magnetic drill collars are suitable for all types of drilling including straight and directional applications.

Each drill collar is fully inspected by our internal inspection department. All data obtained are recorded on the inspection certificate furnished with each drill collar. API Monogram, serial number, OD, ID, type and size of connections are stamped on the recessed mill flats.

We manufacture three types of non-magnetic drill collars according to the customer's order, including Slick, Spiral and Flex Non-Mag Drill Collars.

Slick Non-Mag Drill Collar

Our slick non-mag drill collar provides the required weight on bit, and will not interfere with the directional drilling ability.

Spiral Non-Mag Drill Collar

Our spiral non-mag drill collar is designed to allow greater flow area for drilling fluids, while providing the benefits of non-mag steel for complex drilling programs.

Flex Non-Mag Drill Collar

Our non-mag drill collar is thinner and more flexible than standard drill collar. Their ability to make short radius turns, bend for high build angles, and pass through severe doglegs makes them ideal for use in directional and horizontal applications. Manufactured with non-magnetic steel, this drill collar is well suitable for housing MWD equipments.
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