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Heavy Weight Drill Pipe (HWDP) is an intermediate weight drill stem component which is used in conjuction with the drill pipes and drill collars. HWDP is available in standard, spiral and non-magnetic designs. In some applications, HWDP can also be used instead of drill collars.

Our facility is awarded by the API and NS-1 / DS-1 certificate, which is made from one-piece AISI 4145H modified quenched and tempered steel. It is designed for tough drilling environment in vertical and directional wells. HWDP is a transition member between drill collar and drill pipe. For directional holes, HWDP provides weight-on-bit and additional stiffness to prevent buckling.

Features and Benefits:

● A center upset or wear pad to increase tube life, reduce hole drag and differential sticking problems.

● Connections are completed (phosphate coated) to protect them from the elements after machining and to help prevent galling upon initial makeup.

● Thread roots are cold rolled on API and H90 connections. And pressed steel thread protectors are supplied for standard connections.

● Hardbanding and internal coating can be provided upon customer's requests.

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