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Fire Rated Seawater Hose



Mainly used for seawater delivery in fire fighting system on offshore platform. It can also be used for delivery of gasoline, diesel, fuel with aromatic content up to 50%, mud, air, and for other general purpose. It can also be directly exposed to flame for more than 30 minutes at the temperature of 800℃, which enables operators to rescue and escape under emergency.

Hose structure:

Internal Tube: Black smooth nitrile rubber, oil resistant, seawater resistant, high temperature resistant, acid & alkali resistant.

Reinforcement: High Strength steel tyre cord, anti-static copper wire, helix steel wire for hose size up from 6" and above.

Fire Shield Layer: Glass Fiber Cloth

Cover: red chloroprene rubber, fire resistant, wear resistant, ozone & ageing resistant, oil resistant.

Working temperature range: -30℃ to +100℃

Fire Resistance meets ISO 15540 & ISO 15541, 800 X 30 minutes.

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