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BOP Hydraulic Hose - Armoured



BOP Hose is mainly used for hydraulic control of BOP. Operation pressure is 3000PSI / 5000PSI. It can be directly exposed to flame for more than 5 minutes at the temperature of 704℃, to ensure that the control system can be operated under emergency.

Hose structure:

Internal Tube: Black smooth nitrile rubber, oil resistant, seawater resistant, high temperature resistant, acid & alkali resistant.

Reinforcement: High Tension Steel Wire

Fire Shield Layer: Glass Fiber Cloth

Cover: red, chloroprene rubber, fire resistant, wear resistant, ozone & ageing resistant, oil resistant.

Outer armor: Stainless steel strip wound

Working temperature range: -40℃ to +121℃ (-13℉ to +212℉)

Fire Resistance meets API 16D, 704 X 5 minutes.

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