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Rig Wash

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Chemical Composition:It is prepared by various kinds of highly purified surfactants, washing assistants and stabilizing agents.

AppearanceNon-viscous liquid.



PH value】:Approximately 9.

CharacteristicsThis Product, made of European raw materials, contains special chemical compositions. It features great wettability and very strong cleaning power, which enable it to fast permeate, decompose and emulsify grease and dirt and quickly remove oil dirt from metal surface. It produces little foam and is easy to wash; it would not easily damage the deck and floor surface; it's water-based cleaning agent with high safety and good biological degradability, which will do no harm to the environment.

Usage】:It's applicable for cleaning all hard surfaces with oil and grease dirt such as oil platform deck, oil tanker         cabin, machine parts, pipes, tools, and floors etc.

Method of useThis Product is for spraying onto dirty surface for the purpose of soaking and easy scrubbing after being diluted 2-20 times (depending upon the degree of oil dirt), and afterwards it can be cleaned with clear water. It may also be used on automatic floor cleaner, high-pressure jet cleaner, soak cleaning and flush water washing equipment; it may also be used for cleaning by duster cloth, sponge and brush.

Packing25kg, 200kg plastic drum.

Storage and Transportation】:18 months of storage period. Non-dangerous goods.

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