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Gardner Denver PZ Series Mud Pump

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Gardner Denver PZ Series Mud Pump


  • Power frame, eccentric, con-rods and crossheads: Modular cast iron;
  • Main Bearing: Double-row-spherical centric roller bearing;
  • Both-end extended jackshaft bearing: heavy-duty straight roller bearing;
  • Con-rod & crankshaft neck bearing: radial roller bearing;
  • Main gear connected to the crankshaft with bolts: heat-treated alloy steel;
  • Replaceable bronze crosshead slides;
  • Power end designed with splash and enforced lubrications;
  • Replaceable modular: heat-treated alloy steel;
  • Equipped with Urethane valve body, valve insert and tri-rib valve seat conforming to API-7;
  • Replaceable oil filter elements and oil pressure gauge;
  • Threaded Valve cover;
  • Plated piston rods;
  • Complete piston washing and lubrication systems;
  • The pulsation dampener made from monoblock forging of hollow sphere.

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